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27 January 2008 @ 01:34 pm
Fic Masterlist!  

{as of Sunday, January 27, 2008}


Harry Potter

ongoing series/chaptered fic:

Family History .The story of Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda Black, as told through several vignettes. Archived and updated at the SugarQuill, though I will post new chapters here as well.

The Luckiest.
The story of Ted and Andromeda. Archived at the SugarQuill, though I will post updates here as well.


Life Support (Love for the Lonely). Welcome to Magical Coney Island. Kate Fisher is a magical marine biologist whose life has reached a degree of irksomeness that is, in itself, irksome. Draco Malfoy is working with his uncle and hasn't felt anything in years. Enter Love for the Lonely, the resident Matchmaking agency...

Warriors, Medicine and Wisdom. On the evening after the final battle, Minerva watches and talks to former and current students and sees how some things change and others never do.

Under Emotional Duress. Two weeks post-battle, Ron does the breakfast dishes and tries to figure out what in the name of Merlin's laciest partyknickers Hermione's problem is. Massively fluffy R/H.

Flowers Shall Grow. Andromeda grieving, with help from Neville and Augusta. Pure gen.

Until There's Nothing Left Of Us. Written-in-reverse beyond-the-veil fic. Tonks/Remus/Teddy.

Starting Here, Starting Now. Al and Rosie meet a new friend on the Hogwarts Express.

Drabble Roundup, 2007

pre-DH, links to fanfiction{dot}net
Lesson in Surrender. Dumb title, flangsty fic about Ron, Hermione and a pond. Um.

She's Got A Way. Lupin, Tonks, Billy Joel.

Playing Our Game. Ron needs to ask Hermione a favor.

Another Happy Hour By The Lake-  R/H. Really, the title says it all.

The Casanovian Principle- Missing Moment from HBP's After The Burial. Ron and Hermione define the relationship- sort of. This should prove to you all that subtlety is so overrated.

Ice-Cream Conversation- She's leaving for her first year teaching at Hogwarts tomorrow, but for now, Minerva takes her best friend Amelia Bones out for Fortescues'.

Two Lost Souls Swimming In A Fish-Bowl The year is 1980, the war is raging, and Amelia Bones has just passed the law allowing Aurors to use the Unforgivable Curses. Minerva is intially furious, but then she remembers a recent funeral, and begins to understand.

The Marauders Who Don't Do Anything- As James and Sirius land themselves in detention again, Remus and Peter enjoy some time as the quiet marauders. Songfic to Relient K's The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

Watching Remus After his world falls apart, Remus flees it. Lily watches him.

Train Ride: Revelations From An Unlikely Source Ginny and Pansy Parkinson talk on the train ride to King's Cross after Dumbledore's funeral.

Belle&Lumiere Hannah Abbot needs a dress for New Year's Eve, and Justin Finch-Fletchley reluctantly helps out. Post Hogwarts, an homage to the fabulous Asking For Roses.


The West Wing

ongoing series/chaptered fic:
And Now The World Is Ours. SantosAdmin: Donna starts throwing up all over Air Force One, and that's just the beginning of nine months with one Guppy Lyman. Babyfic, not (yet) complete. Link to fanfiction.net, new chapters will be posted here. I feel like I should point out that while this is fluffy, it's not completely about them. Mainly because I like CJ too much.

Don't Want To Miss You Tonight Two nights before the convention 2006, Josh leaves a heartfelt message on Donna's answering machine, they should talk but don't, and discover that everything's made to be broken. AU, but only slightly so. Completed.


Untitled Nellie Fic
: Summer in Cape Cod. Nellie's there, and her parents are in Africa. Bonding with Donna. Guppyverse.

Memories Are Made of This.  The Grand Moss-Lyman Memorial Tour of the Past Twenty-Five Years: it's been 25 years since she first came back to NH, and Josh and Donna take some couple time. Guppyverse.

This Moment, and Forever. Donna's pregnant, and Josh's Mom sends them a package of babyclothes, which leads to a discussion of baby names, trauma and Joey Lucas. Note: this is the fic out of which And Now The World Is Ours later grew.

Pieces of Josh Donna reflects on the mementos she has of Josh, set in late season six, I guess. More of a series of drabbles than an actual fic.


Grey's Addison's Anatomy
Seattle Morning: This Is Not Me -Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepherd does not sit on a wooden, DIY porch, leaning against a trailer on a January morning, huddled in a grubby flannel shirt over a 200 Victoria’s Secret negligee. Except she does. Set in Season 2, Addek.

Without You -After the Mark Incident, Addison mourns her marriage and tries to reach her husband.

Reinventing Addison -Addison comes to term with Mark and her new blonde hair. Sequel to Without You

Gilmore Girls:
Inner Circles of Heaven and Hell. Luke/Lorelai post-coital early morning bliss. Drabble.

Private Practice:

What I Need. You want hugs and comfort food and someone handing you tissues and saying, “No, you’re not an idiot” and mean it, because you sure as hell know none of the others still mean it when they tell you you’re not a sad excuse for a human being. Violet and Cooper, during/post 1x05.


that's all for now! I will probably update this whenever I post new fic, or at least try to. You should also have a look at the tags page for an overview of the things I post.  And if you like my fics, I suggest you friend this journal. Plus that would make me pretty happy.

Thanks for stopping by!
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